The Rhythm of Christianity

Posted: 4th February 2015 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship
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danceEach day every Christian struggles with sin. It is a progressive journey of overcoming the “acts of the flesh,” and allowing God’s Spirit to produce the “fruit of the Spirit.” Within this daily struggle there will be bouts with selfish desires. The world will interpret that as hypocritical, but it is inescapably the rhythm of Christian life. The dance of the Christian life may have a cadence like this: One step forward (repent), one slip back (sin). Two steps forward (repent, grow), one slip back (sin). Three steps forward (repent, grow, go!).

When we deny ourselves and read His Word regularly, when we deny ourselves and produce acts of kindness and mercy through His spirit, when we wake each morning with His praises as our first thought and when we lay down in communion with Him each evening — we grow in Christ.

It is not possible for a person to claim to be a Christian who actively and perpetually lives an unrepentant, sinful lifestyle. The world lives this lifestyle. As Christians, “We are called to be in it, but not of the world.” America is the greatest country in the world. It was founded by a Christian majority and structured on Christian beliefs. Sadly, we have lost sight of our nation’s heritage. Our prosperity has lulled our integrity and character to sleep. Now we live in a dream world of takers rather than givers, of dependents rather than contributors, of consumers rather than producers.

Jesus commanded, “Be holy as I am holy.” We are a “holy priesthood!” We are separate from the world. We are pinhole lights in a tapestry of darkness. We must surrender daily and allow God’s spirit to shine through us to call the lost world to the Light. Do not worry about people who will call you a “hypocrite!” The religious of Christ’s time called Jesus the same thing – then they crucified Him. It will be only by His mercy and through His grace, that we will be able to endure our cross as well.

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