We are Bond Servants to Christ

Posted: 3rd January 2011 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship

Pastor Dick Lintelman says “When your not at church you are missed.” We are all part of the Body of Christ.  When someone is missing — the body suffers. Like it or not when you gave your life to Jesus you became a bond-servant, a slave, you no longer have the right to control your life. Something as simple as buying a pack of gum needs to be weighed against what Christ calls from you. All of us will need to decide between living a life of comfort or a life of sacrafice.  Each of us walk our own narrow path to the Father with Christ as our guide – our Way.  No one else can walk it for us. Some are called to suffer within the joy of service in Africa, some to follow our Lord right where they live.  Needless to say, our calling takes us away from lives as we use to know it.

Our ministry is only as strong as our obediance to God. When our lives are in disarray and our families disfunctional, how can we be used by the Lord?  Jesus said “Let the dead bury the dead…” Not everyone is called to suffer the life of a lonely Prophet or will everyone be called to be martyred for the cause of Christ. But we must be willing to follow any path as the Holy Spirit leads us.  There is time and a season to everything.  Following our Lord, to know God is Eternal Life! There is no ending season.

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