“Well done! Good and faithful servant.”

Posted: 5th October 2015 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship
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good and faithfulStay below people! Do not give pride a foothold in your life. Where is “self” mentioned in “well done good, and faithful servant.” “Good, faithful and servant” are key words of action, character and integrity, perseverance and fortitude in order for you to attain citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Are your motives pure? Do you struggle with self-control? Are there things you want out of life more important than praying for your hurting neighbor, visiting a lost, sinner in prison, helping your enemy find love at the cost of your life? What personal sacrifices are you giving up so that the widows and orphans are cared for? It is “natural” and necessary to care for your family and yourself, but it is “good” to care for needs of your neighbor and the stranger God brings along your path.

God gives every person talents. He entrusts His faithful with investing, multiplying and returning these talents. You can give these talents a number of different descriptive titles such as; Life, family and friends, professional skill, and personal property; Time, Talent, and Treasure; or Affluence and Influence. Whatever title helps you understand that all that you had, have, or will have comes from God. How are you using your God-given talents? For selfish gain or the glory of God? For self-sustenance or defining yourself as a “cheerful giver”? For self-preservation or supporting the “Great Commission”? The talents you sacrifice in life for the Kingdom of God will define your “faithfulness.”

Humility and humbleness are required to walk with God in life. We are called to serve, not be served! Pride is the seed of all sin. It is the focus of God’s warning in His first commandment to man. Selfish pride can not be at the heart of anything we do – in the things we do for ourselves or what we think we are doing for Jesus. Always remember, though you are precious to God, you are not more important than your neighbor.

Pride makes you feel above your station. It is especially difficult in a world that measures success through personal achievement, self-confidence, self-worth, and applauded self-esteem. Like it or not, you are not as smart, or as pretty as Satan. He will use your intelligence to deceive you. He knows you because he has studied you since the birth of Adam. But take heart! Jesus said, “greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.” Your knowledge and obedience to God’s word will give you all that you need to have victory over the Evil one. Stay in the Word and live it out in your life! Remember always, we that follow Christ are the ONLY light in the world. Your righteous perseverance will win the crown Christ has waiting for you. And joyfully on that Great Day, you will hear these words from the our King and God, “Well done! Good and faithful servant.”

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