Daughter of Dreams

Posted: 18th July 2016 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship

Maylei @ Christmas 2015

Maylei @ Christmas 2015

The greatest thing in life is to know you are in the center of God’s will. God gives life to every child. He knows us in our mother’s womb. He knits us together, perfectly, marvelously — we are wonderfully made. No one living is a mistake!

Too many times we stop our growth in love within the boundaries of family. We prefer to love only our children and close relatives in the way Jesus describe to love everyone — even our enemies.

Love was never meant to be restrained or defined by the frailty of men and women. It is a supernatural gift that propels us from ordinary to extraordinary. It gives and never takes. It is sacrificial. It surrenders pride and arrogance and seeks humility and opportunities for charity.

It is always amazing to me that God initiates and completes the work of righteousness for those who love Him. He does it all! We sit back as reluctant participants in His work and are left in awe and amazement at His blessing.

Maylei is the living testimony of God working in my family’s life. In my own strength, I would have preferred living selfishly chasing after my own dreams and goals. But God loved and trusted me enough to be Maylei’s father in this world. I can not describe the honor and privilege it has been to be entrusted with that responsibility. He has blessed me beyond my imagination with the gift of her.

All of our children are gifts. They are not ours to keep as our own. They are our responsibility to be directed, instructed, and mentored in the way of the Lord. In return, God blesses us with their love and the sharing of their life. In Christ, it is a profound, divine love that only increases.

Maylei is the daughter of my dreams. She fills a place in my heart that no one or nothing else could. My life and world shines brighter because she is in it. I am and will always be eternally grateful to Christ for the love that I have experienced through her. My prayer will always be for her continued faithful service to Him and others through power of the Holy Spirit.

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