John Piper wrote, “Do people go see the Grand Canyon to build self esteem?” Is it an attempt to develop their pride, to increase their personal ambitions and agendas? The stars and vastness of the universe amazes us. The wonder of God’s awesome and magnificent creation continually cries “Glory to God in the Highest!” We appreciate and enjoy His tangible splendor. However, I believe this is only scratching the surface of our inward desire to see Him, to know Him, and to love Him.

He gives us air to breathe, light to see, food to eat, clothes to wear, but more importantly, time to live, and the choice to obey His commands. Scripture says that He does not withhold any of His goodness from us.  Yet, we withhold giving Him all our heart, mind, and soul to Him. This is a simple request for us to receive the goodness of God.

Laying down self is a daily battle — it is our cross to bear. In the midst of this confused and lost world we must realize that we are aliens.  It is not God’s creation that alienates us.  It is the destructive choices throughout man’s history that has corrupted the world.  Yet, when we look at the vastness and power of His mighty oceans, the purity of a clear, blue sky, the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, we get a glimpse of the pristine beauty that God had intended for us to enjoy and sing with.

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