Do Something!

Posted: 31st March 2011 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” — Philippians 1:21

Paul makes this statement which presents to Him and every Christian a perplexing dilemma. The whole purpose of our life is to bear fruit in the building of God’s Kingdom. And yet, the summation of all our hope is to be with Christ. Other than being here when He returns, the only way for us to realize the hope of our faith is to die.

Though our time in this world is like vapor, the legacy of God’s love through our lives will echo in eternity. Our children and immediate family are the main recipients of our love, but I know God meant for us to stretch love beyond the boundaries of blood relations to evolve into His love; a love that impacts eternity. “To love one another as you love yourself” doesn’t mean just family, it means everyone.

In this world suffering happens everyday. (Remember, Satan has authority in this world.) Sometimes in very obvious ways, other times suffering presents itself as the result of a long, hard journey taken due to bad choices. Suffering originates from sin. Many innocent are claimed in wake of pride, greed, and selfishness. Praise the Father! Jesus conquered this world and made a way for us. He has called us to be His representatives on Earth until He returns. We are the light and salt of the earth. We are his hands and feet. We seek the lost. We free the captive. We heal the hurting. God’s love sees the need, realizes the pain, and does something to help.

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  1. Joe says:

    What hope do we have to overcome this suffering that can happen daily from sin? How do we conquer this and move beyond on it?, surely God didn’t plan an eternity contingent upon suffering? If Satan so leans upon us to suffer, is there any insight to conquer it?

    • mmabry says:

      Hey Brother!

      I hope you are finding this day to rejoice in!

      Jesus is our only hope. God has revealed His plan to redeem the world, conquer His enemies, and set up a new Kingdom in His Word. Meanwhile, we are stuck in time trying to “love cover” the sin that we brought into the world. Somewhere within our faith journey, through the highs and lows of joy and suffering, we will find complete satisfaction in Him. Until we come to complete surrender, we will struggle with self and pride. Seeing only as far as our eyes allow us. Suffering is hard to perceive, accept and receive, when we are wired for compassion. Jesus will know you when you show compassion “to the least of these.” That should be enough for Christian to know and act upon. Remember His ways are not our ways. He is a Big God!

      May He bless you with the comfort of His peace!

      Your Brother In Christ,