Beware of Busyness!

Posted: 15th April 2011 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship


Agendas get in the way of worship, obedience, and grace. We all have things we would like to get done on schedule. But sometimes, we allow our agenda’s to get in the way of loving one another. It is God’s purpose for our lives and the only real way we show Jesus to a lost world. Priding yourself on getting good things done is a great “self-esteem” builder. But, what are the cost? Was the devastation left in the wake of our busy pastoral ministries, missed salvation opportunities, un-reached souls, lost sheep, tears and loneliness untouched? Jesus did not have a cell phone, a pager, texting, an e-mail address, a website, Facebook, Google, a computer, or video games! First century Judea had His presence, His words, His touch, His love – it was enough to change history, the present, and eternity.

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