Desperate for Christ

Posted: 22nd September 2011 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship

O Father! Where are You in times of trial and trouble? When nothing seems to make sense? When fear grips my mind in a desperate attempt to render my heart? When dread overwhelms my hope in the future? When love fades and pride focuses? When my strength dissipates and my body moans for nourishment? When I am abandoned and left in painful agony?

O God! Sin has brought me to ruin. It has created a chasm of suffering and despair. Where joy and peace are lost in a brothel of selfishness. It strangles my life with lies and gossip. It obscures my vision from the narrow path. It brings death to my face.

O Lord! You have never left me. Amidst the storms of worldly distraction, and the chaos of sin from my flesh, and the slings and arrows of temptation, You have promise me; that when I am still and deeply search my heart, there in the quiet of my soul, I will find You. Your unfailing love. Your living water. Your healing touch. Your voice comforts me and Your Word leads in the way everlasting.

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