A Psalm of Worship: The Way Everlasting

Posted: 2nd January 2012 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship
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O Father! What thoughts can I hide from You?
Your Word is in my heart and my mind
My soul longs after You.
I cherish Your commandments
You are the way everlasting
Whether I am alone or surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses
You are there
Your mercy makes each day new
Your grace refreshes my heart
The joy of everything You are to me is my strength
Nothing can stop Your wondrous plans for me
Your plans to prosper me and give me a future
Even when I am old and grey
You will remember me because of Your Son, Jesus Christ
Your unfailing love is more than enough to sustain all that I am and will ever be
Abide in me O Holy Spirit
Comfort me in times of need
Guide me in the way everlasting

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