Truth is our Moral Compass

Posted: 23rd January 2012 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship
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The Truth is the truth whether it is spoken from a pagan or a priest. Even the “legion” demons possessing the man recognized Christ for who He is – “Son of the Most High.” They knew what is true and spoke it out. When you are in His awesome presence you recognize and acknowledge the truth. Whether from the action commandment of “love your neighbor” to the preventative command of “Thou shall not kill” you can not change what each represents — Truth. How the message of Truth is packaged and delivered is of no consequence to those in the body of Christ. Satan will use God’s Word to tempt us while we are in the desert. Jesus said “I am the Truth” and “my sheep hear my voice.” As a follower of Christ, we recognize and respond to the Truth in accordance with the Holy Spirit that lives in us. John said “if we do not have love the Truth is not in us.”

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