Your Word is Life: Conformity (part 2 )

Posted: 15th February 2012 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship

The only obstacle to God’s Kingdom coming is our will. For God’s will to be done, our will must surrender and submit. Jesus lived a sinless life. Yet, we in our pride, our lack of mercy, our ignorance of grace, could not see the Truth, the Life, and the Way. Since Jesus would not conform to our image, we crucified Him.

Sadly, that tragedy of events still plays out today. We take what is innocent and what we do not understand and if it will not conform to our beliefs — we kill it. Marriages, friendships, and relations are severed everyday for lack of conformity, ignorance and pride. We are only to conform to one image — Jesus Christ.

Holy is the Lord! God Almighty! Of every person ever born of woman only Christ is Holy! Our heavenly Father’s ways are not our ways. Inasmuch as we may try to understand His will for our life, we only get a glimpse of the mark. That glimpse is Jesus Christ. It is only through God’s grace through faith in Christ we are saved and transformed in His image.

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