A Psalm of Worship

Posted: 11th March 2012 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship
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O Lord! I cry out
When the enemy tempts me to despair
I reach for You and You alone
From none other will I find refuge, strength and comfort
You have given me breath for life
The sun, moon and stars for light
Sounds to learn and make music to praise You
The wind to know the touch of coolness
Rain and water to refresh my body and spirit
You provide good food to strengthen me
You provide our clothing for protection
Everything about You is good.
You are the Everlasting Father!
You are forever faithful.
Everyday I will praise Your Name.
Holy Father,
Forgive me for I am an unworthy servant.
Have mercy on me for I have wasted Your goodness on selfish desires.
Except for my sin, all that I had, all that I have, all that will have — has always been Yours.
My life is your gift. My wife is your gift. My children are gifts from You.
All the material things I possess are gifts from You.
O Lord! Teach me Your ways.
So I may be found faithful in returning Your many blessings invested and multiplied.
Bringing glory and honor to Your Name alone.
For only You are worthy of all honor, praise, and glory.

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