The Will of God

Posted: 7th November 2012 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship
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To say that everything that happens is the will of God is ignorance. God is in control and nothing escapes His power and majestic rule. He can use what Man means for evil and conform it to His will and purpose. But, our choices are ultimately — ours. While in this world, we as Christians can not believe God’s grace is a scapegoat from the repercussions of our rebellious choices. Moreover, it is because of His grace through Jesus Christ we are capable of doing any eternal good on our own.

Genesis tells us of the origins of heaven and earth. It tells us that our God is our prideful creator, faithful to provide every good and perfect thing from the beginning of creation. Our Heavenly Father creates a perfect environment for us, the garden of Eden. We only had one rule. It was His will that we do not eat from the tree with knowledge of good and evil. During this awesome time, our Father walked with us. He talked with us. His presence was with us. His provision completely surrounded us. Yet, in His great love for us He allowed us the freedom of choice. In His love, He gave us our own will. We had the ability from the beginning to choose His way or ours.

Our weak faith in His promises, made us subject to the temptations from our Enemy, the devil. We chose to disobey God and it was not without consequences. Our choice led to sin, suffering and death. We let them enter God’s perfect creation from our selfishness.

To say that these sinful choices are God’s will is ludicrous. (There is no darkness in Him!) Genesis makes it plain that God has been in control since the beginning of time. Even with all the obstacles and rebellion we have chosen to put in front of His will, He sacrifices His Son to pay for our disobedience. God’s will is to sacrifice what He loves most for a people who despise and hate Him. Surely, His ways are not ours! If you think you got Him figured out — PRAY HARD!

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