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Posted: 9th January 2013 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship

Worship(Taken from 10/28/2005 devotion)
In Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life, Rick affirms that we are created to worship God. It is a basic truth that I know as well. True worshippers are givers. We recognize that God has provided every good and perfect thing. Thus, we are gradually being transformed into the image of Christ – who gave His life as the ultimate act of obedience and worship. He is the only perfect gift.

There are times when a brother or sister backslides in their walk with the Lord. We are instructed to help them by tenderly showing the error of their way. But, what happens when an entire church, a culture, an emerging generation falls into error?

If you consider the worship service an offering, then it should be about giving. If everyone entered into the service with thoughts of how they can bless our Lord and with actions that demonstrate their faith, He is faithful to take us to another level of worship. As Matt Redman wrote in his song, Heart of Worship – “longing just to bring something that’s of worth, that will bless Your heart.” Wow! I want to be there! – I want to bless Your heart , my Lord!

I am persuaded that our culture is steadily losing its fear of the Lord. The reverence that is due the Lord is missing in most of our Church’s worship services. He is holy! We are not. There is a huge distance, a gap between the great I Am and who we are. I believe the fear of God is more about realizing our worthlessness and recognizing His infinite worth. We are nothing without Him. Without Him we are doomed to an eternity in hell. That should give you a pretty good definition of His worth.

Many of us are overly concerned about what we get out of the service, not what our Heavenly Father is receiving from us. Many times after a service we hear comments like: “The pastor just wasn’t there today.” “The music was off.” “The video didn’t work for me.”

We are gradually replacing our “awesome” God with a God of love and comfort. “Awesome” by definition, means to “fear terribly!” We need to be careful how we use words that try to describe our God. Awesome is a good descriptive word – but know and adhere to its true definition when you use it to describe “the indescribable.” We should not superficially use words reserved to illustrate our God. If in one sentence we use it to describe our adoration and respect for our Lord, then in the next we use it to exaggerate the merits of a song. “We need to put away the things we did as a child.”

I believe our Lord wants us to have comfort and joy. He prospers His righteous people. But, in the sanctuary of His church during a worship service we are not meant to receive, but to give. We need our focus to be about Him. To give Him our love, praise, adoration, reverence, our worship. Afterwards, we should take from our worship services the attitude of giving. How can I help? How can I be a blessing to someone? How can God use me? What gifts do I have that can be shared with others?

Prayer meetings, fellowship and accountability gatherings are better places to make requests of Him. Granted, we need to pray all the time. I constantly seek His strength and guidance and I feel I am always connected to Him. Unfortunately, I get distracted regularly by the world, Satan, and my flesh. Eventually, I repeatedly find myself in repentance and prayer.

He gives us everything; I don’t believe it is too much to ask to give back to Him during our Sunday worship services.

In His sanctuary, our attitude should always be one of giving.

The Lord is the only audience necessary. He is the VIP, the sole guest of honor.

The service is an offering of our first fruits to the Lord. I gift of gratitude, a blessing from our menial estate to the Creator of everything and owner of all things present, past and future. It is not just the worship team, pastors, deacons, or church leaders that need to give on Sunday — it needs to be everyone’s attitude.

Finally, our everyday walk needs to reflect this strength – our joy of the Lord. The integrity of He whom we emulate must be witnessed by those in this world and the great cloud of witnesses we do not see with temporal eyes.

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