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Deny Yourself!

Posted: 7th February 2017 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship
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It is very difficult for us to change a bad habit or poor attitude. We know ourselves so well that we become comfortable with ourselves. Comfortable with complacency. Comfortable in doing “just enough.” We avoid going the “extra mile” and any personal sacrifice because its disrupts our agenda of comfort. It makes us feel like […]

Healing Grace

Posted: 1st May 2016 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship
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From the moment God thought of us, in the point of our conception, while we were forming in our Mother’s womb; our sex, our eye color, and all other physical attributes were designed by God. We are beautifully and wonderfully made. God was in control from the beginning and He will be in control in […]

A Psalm of Worship: The Way Everlasting

Posted: 2nd January 2012 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship
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O Father! What thoughts can I hide from You? Your Word is in my heart and my mind My soul longs after You. I cherish Your commandments You are the way everlasting Whether I am alone or surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses You are there Your mercy makes each day new Your grace […]