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Holy Almighty Father! Your will be done. May the fear of You be my only fear. Help me love where there is hate. Let patience be a supernatural virtue reflected in my life. Increase my faith and knowledge of Your ways. Never allow me to embarrass You. Let me rejoice in You and praise Your […]

What is Worship? To answer this question you must be able to faithfully answer two other questions. One, How much is God “worth” to you? Is He “everything” just like the songs we sing?  Who is God? What does He mean to you? Two, Do you really know what “love” is/means? 1 John 4:8 (New […]

The Race (audio) Once we come to knowledge and acceptance of our Lord Jesus Christ we begin to understand our purpose in this life. Our hearts begin to cry out for the lost. A sense of urgency to proclaim the Gospel comes upon us. In Scripture Paul describes it like a race — a race […]

“Take heart my son, your sins are forgiven!” Jesus says these words to console those who are overwhelmed with fear and guilt. Having fear in our lives is a great tribulation to our soul. It makes us doubt. Doubt is the Enemy of our faith. In Timothy, Paul writes that God did not give us […]