Living with Passion

Posted: 18th June 2016 by Marshall Mabry in Praise and Worship

passion-propels-your-dreamsTaken from earlier devotion October 17, 2006

What attracts believers and non-believers? What is admired and envied by both sinner and saint? What is so contagious its commands and directs focused attention?


Jesus said “to love God with all our heart, mind, and strength.” That is the ultimate definition of passion.

If you look at anyone who is remembered in history, it was their passion that left their mark. Passion does not take the world’s view. Passion distinguishes itself from the constraints of culture. Passion drives the heart to beat in the morning and the lungs to breathe throughout the day. It is the loud voice of strength that say’s “continue” in the drunkenness of exhaustion. Passion focuses the mind on a single objective and blocks out all distraction. Passion is not persuaded, compromised, or bargained.

As a Christian, our greatest commandment calls for it. May our lives be filled with passion for Christ and to declare His gospel.

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